A. General Eligibility

Patients who are eligible for funding by the Foundation for Cancer Care (FCC) must fulfil the following criteria. An eligible patient must;

  1. Be a Nigerian citizen resident in Nigeria. 
  2. Have a diagnosis of cancer confirmed by an oncologist. 
  3. Be referred by a registered cancer focused NGO, public or private hospital with a signed note confirming that the patient cannot afford treatment. 
  4. Submit a detailed medical summary signed by the managing oncologist. (We accept medical summaries not older than one-month before the submission of funding request). 
  5. Submit a note signed by the referring organization confirming that the patient cannot afford care. 
  6. Be willing to receive treatment in Foundation for Cancer Care designated hospitals. 
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B. Foundation for Cancer Care Guidelines

  • Financial assistance will be awarded for curative and palliative radiotherapy cancer treatments (This is subject to change and can be extended to other forms of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, drugs and welfare).
  • All payments for cancer treatments will be paid directly to the designated healthcare providers handling the patient.
  • Funding will be provided on a first come, first served basis with consideration given to the impact of treatment on the patient’s quality of life.
  • Patients may be required to give informed consent to share their stories in form of images or videos for the purpose of accountability to funders and fundraising.

C. Restrictions

  • Financial assistance will be provided for children based on a quota system. Three children out of every ten patients will be considered for treatment. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. 
  • Financial assistance will be provided only to the extent of funds available. 
  • Patients would not be eligible for assistance if they do not meet the Foundation’s eligibility criteria. 
  • Referring institutions should ensure that due diligence is carried out to ascertain that referred patients cannot afford their care. In the event that it is found that a patient who benefited from treatment made a false claim, the Foundation will be under obligation to reject future applications from the referring organization.